Stanley Vale

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Tim, Kevin & Dominic Bower

Horned 4595

77 Stanley Vale Lane
Big Ridge Road
Uralla NSW 2358

Stanley Vale is located 10km east of Uralla just off Big Ridge Road

Tim: 0421 704 598 Dom: 0423 327 690



Tim Bower

OJD Status

Land Type
Mixture of improved and improved native pasture


Founded on Merryville and Tasmanian bloodlines. New bloodlines introduced through selective use of outside AI sires.

No. of Ewes

Adult Average

Hogget Average


  • Inaugural winner of the unhoused section of the 2014 New England Field Days Ultimate Merino Ram Competition with a 2-tooth Superfine Ram.

  • Numerous wool preparation awards including New England Wool Ultimate Clip Preparation Award and the Emenegilda Zegna Unprotected Wool Trophy.

  • Stanley Vale regularly achieves a 1PP rating for excellence in wool preparation

  • Our 2014 drop rams include a number of individuals who are trait leaders for Yearling Fibre Diameter (YFD), Yearling Staple Strength (YSS), Yearling Fibre Coefficient of Variance (YFDCV) ASBVs


  • Stanley Vale Merino Stud produces elite wool, rams and semen from a stud nucleus of 1000 ewes whilst maintaining a commercial ewe flock as well.

  • Whilst maintaining the traditional wool style and micron sought by the Italian Superfine market Stanley Vale aims to produce long-stapled rams with higher fleece cuts and body weights that are resilient to harsh winters. 

  • Our ewe breeding flock had an average fleece weight in the main line of ~4.6kg and an average micron of 16.3um at 2015 shearing.

  • All our stud rams are measured for a range of key traits, are NEFT tested and have Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs).

  • Stanley Vale is Footrot Free, has Brucellosis Free accreditation and OJD MN3 status.


Each year Stanley Vale offers a range of stud and flock rams for sale through:

  • Our annual on property sale held on the first Friday in February each year.
  • The Armidale Housed Ram Sale.
  • By private arrangement throughout the year.
Rams are offered for sale as 2 tooths and 4 tooths, mainly unhoused with a selected number of housed rams available.
On-site inspections are welcomed at any time of the year by appointment.
For more information about our rams or upcoming sales please visit our website

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